Friday, 25 May 2012

Back in action!

As you all know, I've been out of action for a while due to the launch of my brand new publication, COLLABORATION magazine. Now that the issues have arrived on my doorstep, which is all very exciting, I've actually had a lot of spare time so am pleased that I can transfer that time into my blog again! It actually features an interview I did with the wonderful Kim from sweet monday!

I popped into Harrods a couple of weeks ago and fell victim under the hands of the (very nice) lady on the Benefit counter. Earlier on that day I accidentally dropped my Benefit Brow Zing palette down the toilet! Typical me. So I proceeded to Harrods and ended up leaving minus £82. Wow. The wonderful saleswoman suggested me a few products and sat me down in that oh so glamorous chair, and once she'd applied them I really couldn't refuse. I've never been a massive Benefit fan, sure, the packaging is amazing but most products I'd tried weren't too stand out for me. This has all changed.

Starting with 'they're Real!' mascara, I've always had trouble with the length of my eyelashes. They're stubby and straight and never point in the direction that I want them to. As soon as I tried this mascara, I ACTUALLY fell in love. Check my before and after pictures below:

 Although my lashes still look a bit messy, going in all sorts of directions, as you can see in the before picture they're pretty much non existent. I do actually have eyelashes, but I have naturally light hair! Look at the lengthening on those bad boys! So overall, very impressed with this gem.

they're Real! mascara by Benefit
Harrods £18.50

Another product I was recommended and have completely fallen head over heels for is the Benefit 'high brow' pencil. OH MY GOD. I have a massive addiction to highlighter, it's SO important in any woman's daily make up routine as it can completely transform the shape of your face when used alongside a darker, contour colour. I don't know why I hadn't tried this earlier, but now I have it, I can't imagine not using it.

'high brow' pencil by Benefit
Harrods £14.00

Find below a picture of me on my 21st birthday (the blonde on the right), using the pencil underneath my eyebrow on the brow bone, and along my nose to help with contouring. It's really subtle but actually works wonders! Highly recommended:

So, what does little Vi think? She's been snoozing these summer days away indoors (I'm not mean, she's staying indoors as pugs + heat = bad news!) on her favourite sheepskin rug...

She agrees that my lashes look super beautiful with 'they're Real!' and urges you to go and buy it before it sells out (again!) She's pretty sad that she can't use it on her own lashes and whiskers, but if she could, she believes that she would look incred.

What do you all think?

Much love,

M & V -x


  1. Ah I need to see this magazine! And I know what you mean about benefit, completely addicted to it now. The mascaras amazing and now I'm gonna have to get the highlighter as well!xx

    1. I'll bring one home for you to keep! I know, I fully underrated Benefit until now! I'm angry with myself haha. Keep up the good work with your blog, looks like it's going well :) M-x

  2. I really love your blog. Maybe you are agree following each other?! :)