Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lusting over Tom Ford Beauty

A late night venture to Harrods on Thursday evening ended in huge disappointment. Nothing to do with the store of course, more to do with price tags of products in said store! My fellow journalist friend Rebecca came along to meet me after work, as she was in search of the perfect 'pretty' pink lipstick. She also left in a bout of defeat after no luck. But while scouring every beauty counter Harrods had to offer for Rebecca, I managed to come across these two lip products at Tom Ford which sent me into a slight state of delirium. I've always admired the Tom Ford beauty ad campaigns, in particular this one above and the campaign below for fragrance Violet Blonde. I'm not sure if it's the beauty of Lara Stone, the cheerful colour way or the ever so handsome male model, but all of Tom Ford's ad campaigns shriek opulence.

This weekend's lust worthy products just happen to be featured in the ad campaign at the top, I'm not sure if this is the reason why I seem to be lusting over them so much, but I've been in search of a more 'grown up' lip colour that isn't a luminous pink or candy lilac. These two products are the perfect mix of scarlet and magenta. Using the 'Cherry Lush' lipstick as a base would be perfect as a day to day lip coat, and to jazz it up in the evening or for an extreme day time look you could add the lip gloss 'Lost Cherry' for an extra shine.

Cherry Lush £36 at Harrods

Lost Cherry £32 at Harrods

The online picture's do the colour no justice, so I suggest you go and take a look at your nearest Tom Ford Beauty counter, all of their lip, face and eye colours are really unique which makes the price tag a bit more bearable. And the packaging is really luxurious. As I'm saving for my Paris trip next week I sadly declined these two products (it was HARD), but if I find a Tom Ford Beauty counter in Paris I may just make the plunge, as I'm sure being in Paris will make every purchase feel guilt free!

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  1. That ad campaign looks amazing! Wish I could afford expensive makeup.. Great post!

    - Olivia xx